40 Essential Handyman Tools You Should Have in Your Toolbox


A great way to save money on tools and equipment is to buy them used. Be sure to check the reviews and make sure you are buying the best quality tools for the job. Used ladders and cars can save you thousands of dollars when you start a handyman business. Buying tools as you need them can also save you money, especially if you plan to expand your business. Listed below are 40 essential tools you should have in your toolbox.

40 Essential Handyman Tools

A circular saw is a great tool for cutting straight lines. This is probably the best tool to own for straight wood cuts, but you won’t use it very often. You can rent a circular saw for the times when you need to do the job. This tool is also great for wiring and lining up edges. The best one to get is a metal one. You can even get a combo package that includes a hammer, saw, and sander.

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A set of short tapes is essential for any handyman. These handy tools are a must for any handyman’s toolbox, but you can even buy a self retracting model. Whether you’re doing woodwork or repairing an appliance, you’ll need precise measurements. Purchasing a Handyman Luton will make your life easier. A spirit level is also a great tool to have. The pricey ones are better because they can get very accurate measurements.

A nail gun is another essential tool for your toolbox. Having one on hand will make the job go quicker. This tool is great for hanging drywall. The added bonus is that it saves you the time of drawing lines manually. Another indispensable handyman tool is a hammer. A claw hammer is perfect for driving and extracting nails. Make sure the claw is made in the USA to ensure it lasts. You can never go wrong with these tools.

Other tools for the handyman include paint brushes and special painting techniques. They should also have a paint roller and a paint brush. They should also have squares, rules and chisels for precision painting. Finally, they need ladders for various jobs. A four-foot step-ladder or eight-foot-long extension ladder are the most common. It may be wise to invest in portable tool storage as well to keep your tools safe.

Aside from tools, handymen should also invest in marketing materials. Handymen should always bring business cards or a lawn sign with them when working on customers’ properties. This helps create brand recognition. Other promotional tools include shirts with your handyman logo printed on them. These promotional tools are essential for generating business. The more advertising you get, the better. You can even use social media to promote your business. It is easy to start a handyman business online by using social media.

Handsaws come in different sizes and shapes. For general work, a 22″ handsaw will do the trick. Utility knives can be used for cutting flatpack, cordage, and drywall. Another essential tool is a screwdriver. Screwdrivers are necessary to drive screws into surfaces and come in many different sizes. You should always carry a Phillips and Flat-Headed screwdriver. You can use them to cut drywall and wallpaper.

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