6 Reasons to Choose Delta High Flow Shower Heads

The Delta High Flow Shower Head is an impressive choice for any bathroom. Featuring a 7-inch rain shower, Touch-Clean spray holes, six pressure settings, and an Oil-rubbed bronze finish, this high-end fixture is easy to install. Its seven-inch diameter and six pressure settings allow you to choose the amount of water that reaches the different parts of your body. In addition, the dual shower head allows you to switch from concentrated to extensive coverage.

7-inch rain shower

If you’re looking for a high-quality rain showerhead that looks and feels good, you should consider buying a Delta shower head. These showerheads have the highest water flow rate of any Delta shower head. And if you’re looking for something affordable and easy to install, we recommend the Delta 1-Spray 11.8-inch Single Wall Mount Square Fixed Rain Shower Head.

Touch-Clean spray holes

The Delta Drenching Rainfall showerhead provides a powerful stream of water and is very easy to clean with its Touch-Clean spray holes high flow shower heads. Unlike other showerheads, it is easy to remove calcium buildup and mineral deposits from its spray holes. You also don’t have to use any chemical cleaners to keep this shower head clean. The Lifetime Limited Warranty is one of the many benefits of choosing a Delta shower head.

6 pressure settings

You can use high-pressure showerheads to make your shower experience more luxurious and effective. These showerheads come with 6 pressure settings and are easy to change mid-shower. Some models feature rotating massage jets and others have an all-over rain effect. You may not need all six settings, but it is still possible to customize your shower experience. To learn more, check out the reviews below. Here are 6 reasons you should choose this showerhead.

Oil-rubbed bronze finish

A dark oil solution is rubbed over copper-plated fixtures to create a regal, antique finish that will add class to any bathroom. Oil-rubbed bronze shower heads are a great way to update the look of your bathroom without breaking the bank. Delta shower faucets and showerheads offer high-quality Finishes and are consumer-inspired innovations, reducing water usage by as much as 20%.


Delta has introduced new Delta high flow shower heads that have several features to satisfy every need. The 75700 handheld shower head is one of the best choices because of its value and three spray settings. Its chrome finish is pleasing and the massaging jets help massage sore muscles. Its pause option saves water and lets you continue the shower at the same temperature. Its three spray settings include a full body spray, a massaging spray, and a soft drenching spray.

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