A Picnic on the Front Porch of the Bogue Beach Urban Farms Wedding Site

Two years ago my husband and I got married at the Bogue Beach Urban Farms. This beautiful site was created by Jonny Andrews and contains many different types of species such as The Atlantic Puffin, Seven-Lined Sandpiper, Common Goldeneye, Black Headed Dogwood, Northern Cardinal, Northern Shoveler, and Cuckoo Willow.

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You can also have a view of the Atlantic Ocean right from your front door Scott Nordheimer. This particular farm is a project of the Atlantic Puffin Trust and allows lovers of nature to experience the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the area up close.

Bogue Beach Urban Farms Wedding Site

For our third stop we stopped at the Bogue Sound Aquarium & Marine Science Center in New York City. Here we saw the newest member of their species – a Lady Gouldian Finch. The Atlantic beaches are so diverse with the different species of birds and marine life that there is something here for everyone no matter what you might be looking for. From the educational exhibits to the delicious seafood fare this is a must-see spot if you are in the mood for some southern flavor. On the second floor, you can even take a walking tour through the farm.

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So for a variety of flavors from the deep south to the deep north, we headed to Atlantic Beach. My husband really enjoyed the fresh seafood and the fresh fish which were always plentiful and easy to pick. It was a wonderful experience for us all and a wonderful memory that will last forever. If you are planning a destination wedding then consider Atlantic beach urban farms. They offer some of the best views and most delicious produce in the greater New York state area.

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