All About the Covid Test Center in Burnaby, British Columbia

For those planning an upcoming driving test in Vancouver Canada, the Covid Testing Center is one of the best places in the region to take your test. The Test Center is located in Burnaby, British Columbia, and is open for regularly scheduled hours on Tuesday, July 7, from 8 a.m. to noon.

Covid Test Center in Burnaby

Please note that the Test Center runs on a first come first serve basis with free parking currently available onsite for those wishing to park their car prior to their appointment. Doors will open to the public at approximately ten minutes past the scheduled time. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

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There are several locations in the Covid test center, including two primary locations: Paseo Herencia mall Je metro and the Sarrassezant cafeteria/delivery area Binax covid test. The Paseo Herencia mall Je metro location can be considered the primary location as it serves all of the areas mentioned above plus more.

This location is also the primary function of the Covid Testing Center as it offers two drive-in exam rooms that have been relocated from the main campus. The Sarrassezant cafeteria/delivery area is an exceptional location to find cheap parking for visitors. The cafeteria is open for lunch and dinner daily, and the exam rooms are fully-equipped with modern equipment and comfortable seating throughout the rooms.

Once you have had your test, you can pick up your certificate and registration at the Covid Testing Center in Burnaby, British Columbia. You will need to present your valid driver’s license (or documents of enrollment if you are a Canadian citizen) and any other documents that support your identity as a Canadian citizen. There will be a short wait while your application is processed and then your card will be mailed to you. There is no need to schedule an appointment unless you have questions or concerns regarding your test.

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