Analog Digital Trainer

Considering buying an analog-digital trainer? There are many options out there. Here are three models to consider: the Elenco XK-550, the Heathkit PB-507, and the Elenco CK342.

Elenco XK-550

The Elenco XK-550 analog/digital trainer is a versatile training system that includes five basic training functions. This trainer has four independent power supplies and features a sine, square, triangle, and square-tailed waveform generator. Its output voltage amplitude is variable between 0 and 15Vpp and its impedance is about 330 ohms. The XK-550 also includes a clock generator, no bounce logic switches, and eight LED indicator lamps.

Transformation, Digitization

The Student Electronics Trainer is specially designed for school projects. This trainer includes five built-in power supplies that are regulated, protected against short circuits, and capable of producing square waveforms. It also includes a Velcro-covered mounting case that keeps the meter firmly in place by digital agency Vancouver. A free tool mounting kit with four tools is also included. It can be used to learn various circuits and test different parts of a digital circuit.

Heathkit PB-507

The Heathkit PB-507 is an advanced analog and digital electronic design workstation, a powerful and versatile tool for engineers, students, and circuit designers. With a variety of built-in circuit accessories, this tool lets you construct nearly any type of analog or digital circuit. It also features a large LCD display for displaying the settings of active modules. In addition to its powerful built-in circuit accessories, this trainer is also very easy to use and calibrate.

Elenco Model XK-550

The Elenco Model XK-550 is a full-featured mini-lab for the study of analog and digital circuits. This trainer is made with a PC board that features 5 built-in power supplies, a function generator with sine, square, or triangular waveform, and 8 data switches. This training device is ideal for school projects and research laboratories.

Elenco CK342

The Elenco CK342 analog-digital/digital trainer is a rugged training tool that meets the demands of electronic training programs. It comes with 5 built-in power supplies and a function generator that generates a continuously variable square, triangular, and sine waveforms. The unit comes mounted in a professional technician tool case with a removable dual-sided tool pallet with elastic retainers and pockets.

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