Ceramic Capacitors Equivalent Series Resistance and Transfer Function

Capacitor and Interconnection Capacitors are used in many industrial applications and need to exhibit the characteristics of both high voltage ceramic disc capacitors. An Interconnection Capacitor is a series of capacitors that are wired or wrapped around another conducting unit that is larger than the individual elements of the series.

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The larger conductor is often referred to as the chassis or body of the unit and the smaller conductor, which is called the capacitor, is called the network or body of the unit. When dealing with the power distribution for industrial applications you would want to use a series that exhibits similar efficiency to the larger body or chassis.

Ceramic Capacitors Equivalent Series

In order to effectively evaluate the power efficiency of any input signal the amplitude must be converted into I R values. I R’s can then be calculated using the following equation:

The I R-value is then derived by dividing the input voltage by the rated R-value and added the value of the capacitor multiplied by the series resistor. When dealing with non-cavity components it is important to make sure that your circuit modeling software has built in protection against common source losses.

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Common source losses are introduced when two metals with different electrical charges are connected. Some examples of common source losses include thermal expansion, electrostatic attraction, and even bonding of metallic poles. When designing your new electronic circuit, you should be sure to protect all sources of input impedance to ensure that the overall power distribution is efficient.

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