Choosing a Radon Gas Detector

If you are concerned about radon levels in your home, you should get a radon gas detector to monitor it. The device is a simple, handheld unit that displays the radon levels in the air. It also includes an LCD screen that shows the air temperature, humidity, and max/medium/minimum radon levels. The device also includes a vibration sensor to alert you if radon concentrations rise above a certain level.

Radon Gas Detector

This device is powered by three AAA batteries and lasts up to two years. Its sensitivity is improved over time, eliminating inaccuracies and the need to calibrate it annually. The unit weighs 148 grams and measures 4.7 inches. It features an LCD display and audio controls. Users can customize the settings and save the results as a report for reference. Alternatively, a radon detector can be plugged into a power outlet.

One downside of analog devices is that they cannot provide results immediately. The results can take several weeks, while digital devices can give a reading in just a couple of hours fort collins radon mitigation and testing. However, analog devices only detect radon in small concentrations and therefore are not ideal for basements and rooms with multiple levels. Moreover, the results of a radon test can only be known after the device has analyzed the air samples. If you live in an area with high radon levels, you should invest in a radon gas detector.

When choosing a radon gas detector, you should always choose a highly reputable measurement professional. Make sure that the device is accredited to be accurate. The testing lab must be clean and employ competent staff. Higher accreditations can be obtained through SWEDAC or DNV. You should also look for the price tag. There are many models of radon gas detectors on the market, so you should compare their prices to decide which one best suits your needs.

The EPA recommends devices that record radon levels frequently. Active continuous devices are best for homes with swings in radon levels. Lastly, a proximity sensor is handy to verify the integrity of the radon detector. You can also use the proximity sensor to see whether the radon levels are directly correlated to the presence of people. These two features make the device very useful for radon mitigation. When buying a radon gas detector, remember to read the instructions on the box carefully.

Radon is a colorless and odorless gas that can seriously affect the health of people exposed to it on a regular basis. The EPA estimates that one out of every fifteen homes in the United States contains high levels of radon. It can enter your home through cracks and wall cavities, or even through your water supply. It is difficult to detect radon indoors without the use of specialized equipment. If you suspect your home has high levels of radon, you must test it now.

When you buy a radon gas detector, you will need to install it in a confined space, away from drafts, and other obstructions. You will also need to keep your house closed during the time period that the detector is in operation. However, if you want a more permanent radon monitor, you do not need to close your home for such a long time. Instead, you can install it in a room that allows you to monitor the radon levels.

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