Common German Shepherd Attack Issues

DescriptionA German Shepherd is a long-haired, medium-size working breed of high-energy dog that originally originated in Germany. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the original language of the breed is German Shepherd Dog.

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The AKC also states that this dog breed shares some genetic traits with Chow Chows and English Springer Spaniel The German Shepherd dog was first documented as a working and sporting dog by the famous writer and veterinarian J. B. Shively in 1924.

German Shepherd Attack Issues

The dogs were used in the Olympic Games, and Shively wrote about their endurance, work ethic, and powerful energy levels. They were also known for being brave, loyal, intelligent, beautiful, and combative.

Attacks: There are a number of breeds of dogs that have been identified as having been involved in attacks on humans. However, it is considered relatively rare for any dog to attack another dog, particularly one that is larger or more powerful than the dog.

Some experts believe that when this happens, the dogs will either have been provoked by the other dog or may also have been involved in the fighting. Many people consider these large working dogs to be “fighting dogs” and some owners prefer them for this reason. Regardless of whether they are “fighting dogs”, many people feel safer if they own an Alsatian as they are known to protect children and other family members when they are around.

Final Words

If you live in a temperate climate where there is minimal risk of attack by other dogs, an Alsatian may make a good pet. If you have a dog that has been attacked by other dogs, you may want to reconsider adopting a German Shepherd. Although this breed does have its share of problems and issues, they are good working dogs and very trainable.

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