Different Types of Yarn Winder Options For Your Home

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people who are using yarn winders to help with their crafting projects. Using a yarn winder will save you time, money, and energy when it comes to winding up your yarn.

Different Types of Yarn Winder

You no longer have to worry about trying to fight the wind to wind up your yarn. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a yarn winder.

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This Knit Picking Ball Winder allows you to convert skeins and yarn hanked from other sources into tiny center-pull plugs that sit neatly on your tabletop. Simply snap the plastic handle closed, and the blades will turn around to wind up the yarn.


Easy to use – even children can wind up to dozens of skeins with these small and convenient winders AngoraUll på nett. Also, they are great for professional crochet and knitting because they usually wind up about 10 stitches deep instead of the standard 3.


The yarn winder is designed for quick and easy winding of small balls into tight curls and twists – similar to the process of making cute baby hats and bobbles. To use this type of winder, all you do is put the ball winder into the winder and turn the handle to face in the direction you want your yarn to wind up.

As you flip the handle, the tiny little ball winds up into tight curls and twists much like a tightly wound ribbon. This is helpful because it makes it easier to form smaller stitches into larger stitches, like for making caps. It also helps avoid losing excessive amounts of yarn as you wind it up.


The fastest method of winding yarn is by using a split-stick yarn winder. It is a good idea to have a second spool on hand because you may wind up with more than one spool when using a split stick. Then, just as you would with a normal skewer, simply take your spool, turn it right side out, and wind your yarn into tight curls or twists. You can then insert your needle into the center of the loose ball and pull the needle out again.

Yarn Cake Hangers:

A popular way of winding yarn or other material into tight curls and twists is with yarn cake hangers. These unique tools allow you to create lovely skeins, or balls of yarn without having to individually wrap and unwrap the hank. Simply place the yarn cake hanger over the spool and slide the hank through the loops on the hook. It is amazing how many different types of skeins and hanks there can be created from a single ball of yarn.

Clamp Style Yarn Winder:

Using a clamp-style yarn winder allows you to create a variety of intricate textures with very small balls of yarn. Simply place the clamp over the end of a hand and slide the hook through the loops on the hook. Then, use the clamp to grab each loop on either side of the hook and pull them through the clamps. Once all the balls are pulled through the clamp, you simply wind them back through the clamp, and you are left with a single ball of yarn with no tangles whatsoever.

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