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A psychic reading is as diverse as the people who provide them. You might wonder, then, where the largest concentration of psychic readings are to be found in North Texas.


The top spot for readings in the Dallas-Fort Worth area goes to Park Ridge, a small community of modest homes nestled in the pine forests of east Texas’ Red River Valley. Psychic readings are common in this area, and the psychic shops that line the main thoroughfare of Park Ridge’s Main Street may even have a psychic in store. “I specialize mostly in tarot, palm, and psychic readings,” says Karen Lewis, owner of psychic readings in Park Ridge. “We also do palm reading, clairvoyance, and clairaudience.”

Fantasy, Clouds, Woman, Castle, Sun, Sky

Other psychic reading venues in Park Ridge include the Tarot Center, located on North Ave in Park Ridge, and the beckoned-to-you tarot center, which can also be found on North Avenue free psychic reading. Across town at the Silver Star tarot center, which offers both live psychic readings and tarot card readings by its live psychic readers, you’ll find the deeply pondered “The Reader” and the mystical “Searcher”. The Reader offers tarot deck readings and psychic readings for both adults and children. Meanwhile, theearcher works with clients to help them explore their deepest feelings and make better choices.

For readings in the North Texas area, try the various psychic shops that have popped up – some offering both psychic readings and palm readings, and others focusing on one or the other. If you’d rather take your life to the next level, a spiritualist will likely be more spiritual than a psychologist. Whether you focus on spiritual matters or not, however, you’re sure to find a quality psychic at a quality shop in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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