Fishing Charters Toronto

Lake Ontario is the largest body of water in Canada and Toronto offers some of the most spectacular angling in the world.

Fishing Charters Toronto

The city is located along the shorelines of Lake Ontario, which is a bountiful source of freshwater fish. With a variety of charters in Toronto, you can experience the city’s many attractions while you enjoy the thrill of catching the big one. There are several different types of charters to choose from.

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A few of the city’s most popular charters go out to the Toronto Islands, which are just a short ferry ride from downtown. Once you’re there, you’ll see the incredible schools of fish that call these waters their home.

There are over fifteen species of fish in Lake Ontario, and the islands offer excellent fishing opportunities no matter the time of year. In addition to the many types of lake fish, the area also offers excellent salmon hunting.

If you prefer to go out on the water, you can also take a trip to the Toronto Islands, a short ferry ride away. The water here is protected by the snow and is a popular fishing spot.

During the summer, the islands are full of salmon and are a great place to catch these coveted fish. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources stocks the lakes and rivers with more fishing charters rochester, ny than a million fish annually, but the majority of the efforts are focused on the big lake.

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