Fundraising Candles: Home Interiors As Reason For Buying Them

When you think about fundraiser candles and how they can affect your fundraising efforts, you often picture an expensive high priced candle that is only pleasing to the eye. You may also think of fundraiser candles in large pillar form, burning for a long period of time.

Fundraising Candles

However, candle sales are not all about the price you pay for your products, nor are they all about how much heat they produce. Fundraisers depend on many different factors when determining what type and how much of a candle to produce. Before buying any type of fundraiser candle home interior products, you should be aware of these factors, and also how to use them to your advantage.

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The main thing that affects the cost of each candle is the type of candle you buy. Different types of candles require different amounts of heat to burn fundraiser candle fragrance. The more you need to heat up the candle, the more it will cost. A good way to save on these costs is to find out which type of candle you need before ordering it.

Many types of candles will produce a steady stream of warm light, rather than a quick blast of warmth as is the case with most candles. If you are using one of these fundraiser candles as your main fundraiser item, then you can find out the kind of light the candle produces by flipping through the candle’s label.

If you see the words ‘high output warm flame’ or ‘broadside flame’ in the candle’s label, then you are looking at a candle that produces a lot of heat. You will also want to note if the candle has a triple-walled, molded glass jar, which allows for more room to heat up the candle without getting a smoldering mess on the jar’s surface.

A cheap candle is one that does not have enough glass to allow proper heating and is also a chunky candle that does not hold enough fragrance to stay odorless. If you find this to be the case with your fundraiser candle, then you may want to consider switching to a different one. This is especially true if the candle is your main item and you are making very little profit from it. Switching to a better candle will cost you a bit of extra effort but it will be money well spent.

Different types of candles will also create differing smells as well. Candlemakers have developed hundreds of different fragrance combinations for their candles, and this is something you will want to consider when buying your fundraiser candles. You will also need to consider how much scented oil your candle needs. Some candles are already made with scented oil already in them, and you will not need to purchase this oil separately. Other candles will need to be bought specially packaged with scented oil already in them.

The best fundraiser candles are those that not only smell good but also look great as well. If your candle does not look good sitting on your tabletop, then it will not catch the attention of anyone passing by your home as well. It will also not get used as often, and therefore it will not make as much money for you as it could. When you are choosing which candle to use for your fundraiser, consider these factors, as well as the way they will smell in your home.

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