My Search For a Great Body Jewelry Shop Near Me

My wife and I live in rural Pennsylvania, surrounded by beautiful mountains and a lot of forests. There are many great hiking and biking trail around, as well as wooded areas, streams and lakes. Our family loves to go hiking, mountain biking, boating and taking picnics on the beach.

Great Body Jewelry Shop Near Me

I decided to get some belly button piercing and ear gauges several years ago so that I could wear my jewelry wherever I wanted to wholesale body jewelry. I live far from any city and have always hated driving up and down the long winding roads, due to all the traffic and parking.

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The following summer, I decided to take my new body art with me camping. I packed up my hiking shoes, shorts and a t-shirt, and headed for the beautiful hills surrounding Weymouth, Massachusetts. When we arrived I was a bit nervous about how my new body jewelry shop near me would hold up to all the excitement, but it turned out really well!

The shop was amazingly clean, neat and orderly, and had thousands of different body piercing options, from fake nails, to studs, to stainless steel balls and cones.

I loaded up my gear and went for a hike. I wound up having the time of my life because the only other person with body piercings on their bodies was my mother! We were just finishing up a late afternoon hike when I noticed a strange-looking stick protruding from behind some bushes. I climbed onto the trail and began to wonder what the heck it was.

A quick search of online pictures revealed that it was actually a series of stainless steel ear gauges and belly button rings, but there must have been at least a half dozen more protruding objects along the trail.

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