PlayStation 3 – What’s So Special About It?

If you are discussing gaming consoles, the most favorite PlayStation franchise is most likely the very first thing that comes to mind. PlayStation 3 is the most recent offering from this brand it’s all it claims to be. You may play all of your favorite PlayStation games, such as those compatible with prior versions of this gaming games on this specific baby.


So what is so unique about PlayStation 3? Well, for starters, it truly is an excellent looking console. Additionally, it’s backed by the very best technology in the gambling world that’s saying something. Imagery never got better since PlayStation 3 includes a strong graphics card and comes with an equally strong 3.2 GHz CPU, and of course that a 512 MB RAM.

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PlayStation 3

XBox 360 and the Nintendo Wii come near, however, not near enough, if you ask me my private opinion. Being a avid gamer, I’d always suggest PlayStation because it lives up to all of the expectations you harbours for this.

Another exceptional characteristic of the PlayStation 3 gaming console would be your Blu-ray drive. So just what is the reason for its inclusion? This was included in the components as a Kinect drive may manage data at five times the rate that regular DVD’s can tech livewire. This is a bonus for both game programmers in addition to players. Game programmers gain a great deal of leverage and players have the advantage of playing more realistic characters and vibrant graphics.

In reality, some state that the games on PlayStation 3 will probably be so close to real life that players won’t feel like an outsider, but just like a character inside the game itself. One other fantastic thing about PlayStation 3 is that the game controllers ceme online. The USP of those game controls is they are Bluetooth competent in order to allow you to enjoy your favorite games such as Grand Theft Auto and Star Wars The Force Unleashed, on a radio base.

PlayStation 3 will have a backward compatibility feature that, as I mentioned previously, means you could play all of the games you purchased for previous versions of PlayStation in your new gaming console. In reality, playing with these games on PlayStation 3 will really improve them.

PlayStation 3 may also double as a DVD player along with an Audio CD player too. This is since the PlayStation discs are not the only discs the gaming system is permitted to perform with.

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