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Top Home Buying Tips by categories (per panel of 50 experts)

When I first started in the field of real estate, my real estate agent and I used to set the bar high for the home inspection services performed. We always believed that the buyer had the responsibility of determining the quality of the home inspection service.

Buying A Home

Our philosophy was that if you didn’t like what the agent said at the close of the sale, you had the right to not sign a contract with that agent. This was not an unreasonable position, given that, at the time, we had very few buyers and sellers.

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A few years later, as the economy began to pick up, we began receiving more buyer applications than seller applications. The number of sellers we were seeing was slowly declining To combat this trend, we started using innovative marketing strategies including radio, print, television, fliers, direct mail and Internet ads.

One of the home buying tips that we gave our agents was to use a combination of these different marketing tools in an effort to increase their exposure to their target markets. One of the techniques we devised was an innovative email marketing strategy that was relatively inexpensive and did not require much time to implement.

One of the home buying tips that we gave our agents was to think outside the box. We felt that buyers who were looking for the best bang for their buck were not interested in the details that are often ignored by the majority of real estate agents. The majority focus is on the financials of the deal and do not take into consideration the unique qualities of the home that buyers were looking for.

Another home buying tips that we gave our buyers were to be prepared when dealing with the lender. Although we were dealing with a private buyer, we felt it was important to be as prepared as possible. Most lenders are very patient and will go through the process quite smoothly.

However, there are some who will have the buyer come back at a later date and still expect the full amount of money. We advised our buyers to research and prepare for the possibility that they may not receive all the funds from the lender on time and to have a plan in place in case that happens.

The most important home buying tips that we gave our buyers were to be prepared and knowledgeable about the home they were buying. We advised them to talk to the lender and have all of their buying questions answered before approaching the lender with a purchase offer.

Many buyers approach a lender without a plan and only have a vague idea of what they are looking for. By being prepared before the meeting and having all of their questions addressed directly they are less likely to be disappointed with the purchase they make.

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