What Is An H&F Mental Health Crisis Team?

As one of the largest providers of after care services to families in Colorado, H&F has developed an expertise and commitment to serving individuals suffering from mental health issues.

Mental Health Crisis Team

The mission of H&F is to promote recovery by providing access to high-quality, coordinated care from the earliest stages of a mental health emergency through professional training for staff and continuing education for the organization’s members.

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Mental health care at H&F is provided by a large network of licensed therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists who work with the Crisis Team to ensure optimal patient care https://www.psykolog-grenaa.dk. The primary function of the Crisis Team is to identify and treat the patients in the shortest period of time possible. When combined with the integrated team approach that H&F embraces, it is able to make rapid, appropriate, and comprehensive assessments and treatment decisions.

The goal of the Crisis Team at H&F is to provide coordinated care that coordinates all the resources of the organization to address the immediate needs of the individual patient. This coordination begins with an initial phone call by the psychiatrist assigned to the Crisis Team, who interacts with the individual and family.

A mental health nurse will also discuss with the family what they can do to help the patient. These discussions provide information on the best options for the crisis response plan and for coordinating support within the family. The next step is for the team to make a referral to an appropriate and ongoing mental health provider based on the information the patient and family provide.

Once the patient is seen by a psychiatrist or psychologist and has received initial treatment, the member of the Crisis Team responsible for the care will then escalate the level of care based on the severity of the mental health crisis. The goal of this process is to bring the individual back to normal levels of functioning quickly.

In the aftermath of crisis response, the members of the H&F Crisis Teamwork with families and their own support systems to support the individual and their families through transition processes. The goal of the organization is to care for its clients in a supportive environment so that they can regain their mental health and contribute it to their communities. The services offered are intended to meet the unique needs of the client and provide the highest quality care.

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