What is the Difference Between Sales and Marketing?

When we hear the term “Marketing”, we typically envision something in a store or office setting – the use of advertising to publicize and sell products. But Marketing is much more than just an advertising or promotion tool. It also includes research and the development of new ideas and strategies. Marketing therefore encompasses many important aspects of business life. Marketing is one of the cornerstones of enterprise.

Sales and Marketing

Marketing therefore refers to various actions a business undertakes to sell or promote a product, service, or offer to the public. In recent times, The New York Times referred to it as “the science of telling great stories so compelling that individuals lose track of their dollars.” Marketing orientations within organizations therefore incorporate both sales and marketing strategies salesforce consultants. The difference between marketing orientations lies in the fact that sales orientation focuses on the products and services offered, while marketing focuses on the end users of the same product or service.

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Marketing experts are considered professionals who create and manage business strategies, while sales oriented experts are considered as the people who make the sale. Marketing orientations or sales strategies usually begin with market research and analysis. Market research enables marketers to determine what consumers actually need. Marketing experts also conduct market studies and surveys to know what buyers are looking for. After understanding the consumers’ needs, the marketing experts to create an idea on how to address these needs by creating a product or service match.

Marketing then proceeds to the next phase of development. In sales, marketers try to win over or close sales with the use of brand name, discounts, publicity and other marketing techniques. Marketing is also used to counter competitors by creating a competitive edge, and establishing a recognizable brand name. Although there is no denying that competitors may be successful in the use of such techniques, what matters is to identify what works for your company and find ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Sales and marketing orientations basically differ in their core concepts. Selling starts with identifying a need, finding out the appropriate product to meet this need, creating a viable structure for selling it and convincing a willing consumer to buy. Marketing activities on the other hand involves conceptualizing, developing, promoting and organizing marketing activities aimed at achieving a set objective.

Marketing strategies involve devising a plan, analyzing the market, designing and implementing a marketing program, and making sure that all aspects of the plan are implemented. A successful marketing strategy has three elements: product development, sales promotion, and customer handling.

well-planned and executed marketing programs have a high chance of success. Successful marketing strategies are designed by taking into consideration market, consumer, and profitability factors. Sales techniques include designing, advertising, and convincing customers. Developing strong sales teams is essential for a company’s survival. There are many companies that offer marketing management services. To get in touch with one, just click here.

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