What You Need To Know About DOKA Air Conditioning System

Double K Air Conditioning & Heating (DKO) is a renowned brand of state-of-the-art commercial condensing unit manufacturers based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

DOKA Air Conditioning System

It was founded in 1979 by the acquisition of two companies named“double K.V.T. and Wepco. in order to meet the growing demand for air conditioners in countries with a hot climate such as Malaysia. Since then, it gained more popularity and expanded into different parts of the world such as Europe, the USA, Canada, Japan, and Australia.

Facade, Apartment Building

DKO offers AC and cooling systems in homes, offices, shopping malls, service centers, industries, business premises, and other spaces. Their main distributors are Serta and Cooper & Friedrich.

They manufacture their own products, which are the leading brands in the market, and have built a reputation for providing reliable and efficient air conditioning solutions to their customers HVAC Columbia SC. Besides being renowned in their performance and quality, they also take great care in the installation process and maintain an excellent working relationship with their clients.

The cooling and heating systems of DKO are made up of a condenser and compressor with an optional refrigeration system included. As the name suggests, the compressor component cools down the air before it passes through the condenser coil where cold air is collected and pushed back into the room.

While the condenser is responsible for heating the refrigerant gas, which is distributed throughout the premises. This refrigeration system makes use of high technology and is very efficient. As a result, most of the refrigeration needs in the DKO system can be satisfied from the single unit cost of the conditioning and that includes the installation fee.

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